Review: Maynards Discovery Patch

When we were asked if we wanted to try the new sweets from Maynards called Discovery Patch, I had four very willing volunteers. (I don’t eat sweets myself as I’m a strict vegetarian.) To be honest, the most willing was the one who is old enough to know better (in much the same way as the most willing volunteer when it comes to chocolate is also old enough to know better!).

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Discovery Patch are chewy jelly sweets in a variety of forms. My family were selfless enough to test Animals and Body Bits. And they LOVED them. In fact, they loved them so much that they broke the golden rule of reviewing stuff – photos before eating. So we had to buy some more!

Maynards Discovery Patch, sweets, review, daughter, packet

In the Animals selection there’s penguins, giraffes, dogs, polar bears (slightly less popular as they were all white), kangaroos and more.

In Body Bits there’s hearts, brains, teeth, feet and lots more and I’m assured they are all delicious.

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If your kids are into apps (and mine are far too busy with Minecraft!), there is a special Maynards app you can use to scan the front of the pack to discover more fun and facts.

Discovery Patch are in the shops now and they come highly recommended by my family!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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