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I absolutely love reading and am so pleased that my children love it too. I never forced them to read, but I listened to them read their school books, always read to them at bedtimes and made lots of books available to them that I thought they’d like.

So I was very pleased when Miles Kelly publishers got in touch with me to see if I wanted to take part in a secret giver project to celebrate World Book Day. I was given a blogger to choose a book for from the Miles Kelly website.

I spent some time looking at her blog, which I wasn’t familiar with, to try to decide which book would best suit her family. This lady writes about being thrifty and has two small girls, although I wasn’t exactly sure of their ages. After a good look at both the blog and the Miles Kelly website, I opted for a craft book which the family could do together. I’m not expert on living thriftily (or craft), but I figured out that if you wanted to entertain the kids cheaply, craft seemed a good way to go. I really hope the family agree with me and enjoy their book!

So what about our book? As most bloggers have younger children, I wondered if our secret giver would manage to get a book suitable for my kids. I guessed it would be for my daughter – as the youngest she would be the one most bloggers would relate to. I handed the parcel to the kids to open and told them I didn’t know which one or two of them of them it would be for.


They tore it open and the roar of approval from the boys meant that a) the secret blogger had done a really good job of choosing a book and b) it was for my sons, not my daughter, which makes a really pleasant change.

They received a copy of Discover the Savage World from the Discovery Channel – a big hardback book perfect for tween boys. It covers pretty much everything boys get excited about – like deadly animals, natural disasters, wars and weird science. Packed with facts and photos, it is a read that will keep them going for days – and it’s a useful reference book to look back on.


Review from my 10 year old son: It is very, very informative for children who like to take their general knowledge a step further. It informs you of all the dangers that are around you. I enjoy the bit about wild science because it tells you about everything from minerals and dangerous rocks to radiation and the periodic table. The chapter on earth’s power has some great pictures of volcanoes erupting, giant whirlpools and tornadoes. All in all, it’s a great book.


Every year World Book Day celebrates reading for children and encourages them to read more by giving out £1 book tokens. Those tokens can be used to buy special World Book Day books – with titles suitable for pre-school children through to secondary age – or can be put towards the purchase of any other book. This year World Book Day in the UK takes place on 6th March. Primary school children should receive a special token through their school, which is valid from 3rd to 30th March.

We received a copy of  Discover the Savage World from the Miles Kelly website. We have received no payment for this post and all opinions are our own.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. My son would be absolutely thrilled with this! Sounds like a really great book 🙂 How come I never get these fab ‘secret blogger’ events?!

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  2. It is a fab book, Suzanne, right up their street! To be honest I don’t get many of these opportunities either, do I? There were only about 26 bloggers and the others I’m aware of were a lot ‘bigger’ than me!

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  3. We did this too Sarah – just put up my post. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed choosing for someone else and our book is just right too.

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  4. Max would LOVE that- he is a huge fan of non-fiction, far more so that novels these days.

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  5. I’ll have to take a look at your post too, Erica!
    My boys read a lot of fiction, Sonya, but these sort of encyclopaedia/ fact books are a favourite for them.

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  6. It’s great that you have done so much to encourage your kids to read, Sarah. Hopefully this will become a lifelong love of books.

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  7. I think it will! Thanks very much, James, really appreciate your comment.

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