Lyclear head lice treatment range

My family has long been plagued by nits. I gave up being embarrassed about it years ago. It’s just one of those things.

I survived an entire childhood without getting the little blighters. My eldest made it all the way to year 3 without getting them. Then his little brother started school. He got the dreaded orange letter on his very first Friday at school. We checked his head and he had them! We treated them, felt smug and then a few weeks later they were back.

And so began our years of battling head lice. We made it all the way to the following September before they struck again. We fought them on and off right until Christmas before we were completely clear.

In year 2 they were back again in September. This time we fought them right until EASTER. We tried everything – Nitty Gritty comb, proper hardcore (and expensive) chemicals, tea tree oil and an electronic zapping comb (my personal favourite – what could be more satisfying than electrocuting a nit?). We always treated the whole family to try to break the cycle and we always owned up at school, so the orange letters could go out to the class.

But it’s not easy to break the cycle. If just one nit survives, you’re back to square one before you know it – or if one kid in the class doesn’t get checked and treated they’re back on your kid’s head faster than you can say ‘sod off nits’.

Things have been better for a long time now. My eldest started secondary school in 2012, which broke some of the cycle – kids don’t tend to pick up nits at secondary school. The boys had their hair cut short, my daughter started wearing plaits (instead of long, swishy bunches and ponytails) and the kids started washing their hair in Vosene, which has nit preventing properties.

But my younger son had two orange letters before Christmas and my daughter had one. It wasn’t until the end of the holidays that my son started scratching and we realised he had nits again.

A long time ago I was sent various treatments from the Lyclear head lice treatment range. I was very happy not to need them! But it was useful to have them there when I needed them.

I decided to try the Lyclear Spray first – mainly because it promised getting rid of head lice and eggs in one go – most treatments have to be repeated seven and even 14 days later. (Although it does say it’s possibly it may need repeating after seven days.)

It works quite differently from other treatments we’ve used – you have to spray it on, massage it all over and through the hair, then leave it for 15 minutes. Before washing, you have to massage shampoo into it, then rinse it all out. You need to wash your hair several times to get it all out. Then finally comb through with the comb included in the pack to get rid of the dead lice and eggs.

I treated the whole family, which took ages. But I’d rather do that and hopefully break the cycle in one go than have to do it again and again.

The other products in the Lyclear range are Lyclear shampoo and Lyclear Sensitive. If the nits come back, we’ll try the others out! But I’m hoping they don’t.

We were sent the three products to try for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own. You can find out more about the Lyclear range at


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Betsy was plagued by the blighters for years, the only respite we got was in the school holidays when she wasn’t getting reinfected by the kids whose parents didn’t seem to care……have to say, I swore by lyclear- was the first thing that worked, though, you are right, it takes some washing out!

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  2. Thanks, Sonya! Glad to hear we’re not the only ones who have been plagued, and glad to hear Lyclear worked. So far, so good. Couldn’t find anything a week later, so I think we’ve done OK!

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  3. We are also plagued the cycle in the children’s school is perpetual. I’ve had to treat all 6 of us several times and just before Christmas my parents too! I dread to think how many others we’ve unwittingly infected. xx

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  4. Glad it’s not just us that’s plagued, Emily! Your poor parents! We’ve never got quite that far. Treating four of us is bad enough! x

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