The Gallery: Back to school (2013)

I’ve slacked off a bit with The Gallery recently. Between going on holiday and themes I couldn’t quite relate to, I’ve missed a few weeks. I promised myself I’d be back this week.

And I feel like this is where I came in. My very first Gallery post was Back to School this time last year. A whole year has passed since then and here we are again. Back to school.

Last year was a big one for us, with my eldest starting secondary school.

This year is much more low-key. This year is about consolidation. Moving onwards and upwards.

The biggest change is probably for my daughter, who is going into the juniors – year 3. This will be the first time since 2005 I haven’t had a child in the infants. That makes me a little bit sad, if I’m honest, to know that I will never have a child in the infants again.

My daughter’s class is being mixed this year, so most of the children she was with last year won’t be with her when she goes back to school. Luckily she’s still with her best friends and she seems to be taking the idea of the change in her stride. She will have also have job-share teachers this year, another big change. She adored her teacher last year, and her teacher adored her. She is sad to go back to school and not be with her any more.

My younger son is moving up into year 5 – the second last year at primary. He will definitely be one of the ‘big ones’ as a year 5. To be honest, he’s looked and behaved like one of the big ones for many years now, but I still don’t quite now how he actually got to be that old.

This will really be his year for concentrating on work with his tutor ready for his grammar school entrance exam at the start of year 6 and the dreaded secondary school applications. He will hopefully continue working as hard as ever at school, with the SATs less than two years away and him expected to reach Level 6 (the expected level for a year 6 is Level 4). He’s got another male teacher this year (his third in primary school), which I’m sure will be good for him.

And my biggest boy will be moving up to year 8. No longer the youngest at secondary school. I hope this will be good for him. I hope it will make him feel more settled. I’m aware it could go the wrong way and make some children more cocky, but I hope this won’t happen to my son. My aim for him this year is that he tries to work a little harder and gets his handwriting neater. His teacher in year 7 told me what we’ve known since year 1 – he’s a bright boy with some good ideas, but his handwriting is holding him back. He’s not going to pass his GCSEs or his Key Stage 3 SATs with illegible handwriting. He needs to turn it round this year.

I’m going to miss all of my kids when they go back to school. It’s been a good summer. We’ve done more than we usually do and the weather has been amazing. Back to school is back to routine. And the start of the long, cold, dark slide into winter and Christmas. That’s not something I’m looking forward to.

This is my younger son, playing the lead role of the baker in his harvest festival, just days after starting school. Having posted a photo of my eldest starting school several times, I wanted to share a pic of my younger son starting school. But I couldn’t find one. There is one photo album wedged in a shelf that I can’t get out. I suspect his starting school photos are here. This photo isn’t great – there is someone in front of him in the crowd – and I’m reflected in it too from taking a photo of a photo with my phone. But that’s my lovely boy five years ago. He was gorgeous then and he’s still gorgeous now.
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  1. I loved not being the youngest in secondary anymore. It’s a bit daunting being year 7 isn’t it? And glad your little girl still have her best friends with her. I need to get back Ino the Gallery at some point too! I’ve lost my Tuesday night blogging groove 🙂

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  2. Every year is a milestone, as it’s part of their journey. Good to have my days back to myself though!

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  3. I remember having very mixed feelings about my youngest leaving Infants. Now I have 2 in Secondary School and only one child left at Primary School! Where do the years go? Loving the back to school pics today – onwards and upwards 🙂

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  4. I agree it’s nice not to be the youngest at secondary any more. Less stress to know what you are going back to. Hope this year goes well for them all – I bet it will be a busy one.

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  5. I haven’t been organised enough to join in the Gallery this week but then my son is only starting year R next week! A little respite 🙂

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  6. i hope eldest son settles well into yr 8 this yr, Beth is yr 8 and she struggled last year x

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  7. Lovely post – I hope they all have a wonderful year. I’m sad to see the end of the summer too, but I’m quite glad to be back in a routine!

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  8. Sounds like a busy school year ahead. Lovely photo! Love the chefs hat!

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  9. Every year is such a change. We have had such a wonderful summer, it seems a shame for it to end.

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  10. Thanks very much, everyone. I’m hoping year 8 will be a good one!
    It certainly was a shame for the summer to end, Helpful Mum!
    I need to see you back on The Gallery, Tas! You know it’s obligatory that we read and comment on each other’s posts at precisely 6.45 on a Wednesday morning!

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  11. I miss the kids too when they go back to school and I also am not looking forward to the winter. I hope all of your lot have a good year x

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  12. Thanks very much, everyone!
    The hat is cute, isn’t it, WallyMummy!

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  13. Such a cute photo, happy memories. I am with you about being sad summer is almost over. You can feel autumn is very close and winter imminent. x

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  14. Madam is getting job-share teachers in year 3 too so will be interesting to see how that all goes – especially as they appear totally different; an older woman and brand new male teacher. xx

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  15. Thanks very much, ladies 🙂 Don’t say winter is imminent just yet, Louise! I’m still hanging on to my flip flops!
    Sounds like Madam has an interesting job share, Emily! My daughter’s is two ladies in their early to mid-30s who are both experienced teachers and have taught at the school for a very long time. x

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  16. Bless, what a lovely post, I can understand you feeling sad about it being the end of the infants.

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  17. Thanks very much, ladies. It is weird realising how fast they are growing up and how big they are getting. Even though I know they’re growing up I still can’t get my head round having a year 8, a year 5 and a year 3!

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