Beautiful Mama Blog Award

Thanks very much to Luci at Motherwifeme for nominating me for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award, which sounds like a lovely thing to be nominated for!

To humbly accept this award, I must display this badge.


Then I must list three things I love about motherhood and nominate as many deserving beautiful mamas as I like and let them know I’ve done so.

So here goes… Three things I love about motherhood… That’s a tough one. No, not because I don’t love anything, but because there’s actually an awful lot to love about motherhood. And with three kids, picking just three highlights isn’t easy. I’m not going to take the easy way out and just count my three children.

  1. Cuddles. My kids are getting bigger, but they still like cuddles to a greater or lesser extent. Cuddles are a great way of reminding me just how much I love them, even if they’ve been driving me up the wall. My daughter would happily cuddle me or her Daddy all day and I hope that continues for as long as possible. My eldest likes a quick cuddle a few times a day – and I think he needs them. My younger son is the least affectionate of the three and won’t accept any cuddles off grandparents or aunties and uncles. Sometimes he won’t accept them off me either. So it makes me doubly happy when he suddenly decides to sit on my lap. He also likes me to pick him up. At only 9, he is so tall he reaches the bottom of my nose and he’s made of pure muscle. He’s not light to pick up, but I do it because I know how much he likes it. And I like it too!
  2. Sleeping children. Not because they drive me mad and I want to get shot of them and into bed, but because they look so innocent and peaceful. When they’re asleep, they almost look like babies again. Any bad behaviour has drifted away and they look just like angels. They are adorable when they’re asleep.
  3. Pride. This is a big one. Pride in their achievements – whether in school (academic or behaviour), on the sports field or in the dance studio/ on stage. Seeing my kids try their best and do well at something is the best feeling. I love to feel proud of them and I am lucky to have kids that make me so proud.

And now for some more amazing, beautiful mamas. All of them amazing ladies whose blogs inspire me in different ways:

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Make the most of the cuddles and watching them sleep. At 18, my two rarely accept hugs and close their doors at bedtime :o(
    Luckily being proud of their achievements never goes away.
    Congratulations on your nomination btw x

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  2. Thank you for the tag! I shall get this done, I like it and was thinking the other day I hadn’t seen a meme in ages! x

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  3. Oh yes, sleeping children – or in my case child – it is a wonderful thing, sometime MP looks so innocent and peaceful it breaks my heart a little. Lovely post!

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