Anyone else glad it’s February? I like February. Because I don’t like winter. I don’t like cold and I really, really don’t like dark. February is the end of winter so that, for me, is good.

It’s brightening up in the evenings and in the mornings. It MAY be warmer than January, although we shouldn’t bank on it. And we are coming to the end of that horrible period of time where you are constantly surrounded by people with viruses and sickness bugs and the words ‘There’s lots going round’ ringing in your ears (see this post for more on this).

February is also short. So the final push to the very end of winter is even shorter than it would be if any other month of the year marked the end of winter.

Although this year it is 29 days, so that’s one more day to hang on. And, call me weird, but I like the symmetry of a 28 day February. I like the way the days and dates in March are exactly the same as they are in February. It makes it very easy to plan things. Or is that just me?

And, for me, February also marks the month when I can officially shop for my daughter’s birthday presents. I have been guilty of shopping for them straight after Christmas in the past, just to help get me through those, dark, depressing January days. But then it gets even more dark and depressing when I remember it’s still 10 weeks until her birthday and I’ve bought all her presents.

Her birthday is in March. Shopping in February is good. No wonder she doesn’t usually have a main present, just lots of little things. More things mean more shopping. This year she is having a bike, so I actually can’t enjoy my shopping. I could always look for things for other people to buy her instead.

So, all in all, I like February. But not as much as I like March. And I don’t like March as much as I like April.

You get the picture, I basically carry on this way for the entire year. The warmer and lighter it is, the better. July is the ultimate. November and January are the pits.

Happy February, people. Enjoy it. Hang on in there. Spring is just around the corner.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m sensing your a person who likes the summer months?!? Although didn’t it snow last year in April? I think all our seasons are getting topsy turvy now!

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  2. Nearly February again…..Hang in there! Funnily enough February is often the most wintry of months here in Asturias. December is regularly lovely and sunny, warm and dry (this one certainly was), January gets a bit wet (it’s hammering down right now!) and there’s often a cold snap with some snow in Feb.

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  3. Woah, you’re really don’t like winter do you?! This is a funny post…I am with you on the whole even numbers in February thing. The 29 days just unnerves me!

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  4. I agree with your love of summer and warmth, but I think in its own way, winter is beautiful too and I’d miss it if it wasn’t here. 29 days in February always throws me.

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  5. Thanks very much for your comments, ladies, I really appreciate them. You will notice I didn’t get any first time round! I think one or two people read this post! 🙁
    No, I’m not a fan of winter. I go with the flow, I don’t get depressed about it, but I don’t half look forward to the spring!
    Glad other people find the 29 days a bit confusing!

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  6. Re the 28 day thing and everything happening on the same days and dates in March: I am so glad I’m not the only one!

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  7. I know what you mean. There’s something really positive when you get to the end of the month too – it feels like spring is just around the corner. To make things better, this year Feb is 28 days, not 29!

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